Guide to North American Steam Locomotives (Kalmbach)

History and development of steam power since 1900
compiled by Goege H. Drury
4th printing 2004, 1st printing 1993
448 pages, 211 × 141 mm, adhesive binding

on the cover: Norfolk & Western 129, a streamlined K2 Class 4-8-2 built by Baldwin in 1923, and Norfolk & Western 115, a K1 Class 4-8-2 built by N&W in 1917, at Hagerstown, Missouri. Photo by Jim Shaughnessy.

3 Introduction
12 Railroads, Locomotive Builders, and Locomotive Equipment
432 Appendix
445 Index

The Guide to North American Steam Locomotives explores the fascinating history and development of steam locomotives in North America. This valuable resource also includes details on wheel arrangements and streamlining, as well as rosters, photos, and summaries and specifications for hundreds of locomotives.
• 400+ black-and-white photos, including detail and action shots
• Historical summaries of more than 77 railroads
• Profiles of locomotive makers and equipment, locomotive types, and historic locomotives
• Timeline of steam locomotive development
• 70+ rosters
• Historical and technical societies
• Recommended reading list

By 1960 steam locomotives had all but disappeared from North America's railroads, but more than three decades later they are still among the most fascinating machines ever devised. Among railroad enthusiasts steam remains the number one topic of interest, and the general public still equates railroading with steam locomotives. Why? What lay behind the romance? Steam locomotives were the machinery of transportation, the first industrial technology that was visible to every-one. Who built them? Why did railroads have so many kinds of steam locomotives−and why did locomotives differ so greatly from railroad to rail-road? What did all the parts and plumbing do? This book answers those questions and many oth-ers. It is a compact, one-volume reference book covering the development of steam locomotives in the United States, Canada, and Mexico during the 20th century.

George H. Drury, former Senior Editor in the Books Department of Kalmbach Publishing Co., has traveled extensively by train in North America and Europe and is well known for his articles on rail travel in Trains Magazine. His other books include The Train-Watchers Guide to North American Railroads, The Historical Guide to North American Railroads, and the Guide to Tourist Railroads and Railroad Museums. He has also written and published railfan guides to Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Britain and Ireland. Drury was Kalmbach's railroad librarian for 17 years.

ブログ"TransPacific Railroad"の記事をご覧ください。
ラベル:Steam Locomotive data
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Encyclopedia of North American Railroads


Edited by William D. Middleton, George M. Smerk, and Roberta L. Diehl
2007, 1,281 pages, US$99.95

Contents 目次
Preface 巻頭言 ix
Acknowledgments 謝辞 xi
Overview Essays 概略解説
 Development of North American Railroads 北米鉄道の発達 1
  Keith L. Bryant, Jr. キース・L・ブライアント,ジュニア
 A Social History of American Railroads アメリカ鉄道の社会史 18
  H. Roger Grant H・ロジャー・グラント
 Technology and Operating Practice in the 19th Century 19世紀の技術と運転 37
  John H. White, Jr. ジョン・H・ホワイト,ジュニア
 Technology and Operating Practice in the 20th Century 20世紀の技術と運転 53
  William D. Middleton ウィリアム・D・ミドルトン
 Rebuilding a New Rail System 新鉄道システムの再構築 53
  Don Phillips ドン・フィリップス
General Entries A-Z 本文 87
Appendix 付録
 A: A Statistical Abstract of the Railroads of North America 北米鉄道の統計抄録 1131
 B: Maps マップ 1154
 C: Glossary of Railroad Terms 鉄道専門用語集 1197
 D: 130 Most Notable Railroad Books 130の著名な鉄道書籍 1220
List of Contributors 寄稿者一覧 1225
Index 索引 1233

感想は、ブログTransPacific Railroadの記事をご参照ください。
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Milwaukee Road's Rib-Side Cabooses

Milwaukee Road Annual 1996, Milwaukee Road Historical Association

40 pages with covers

詳細図面は、Original 1939 versionと、1970年以降のModernized versionの2種のみ。
本書とシリーズで発行されている、Wooden Cabooseと、Steel Cabooseは出版元に在庫がある。
ラベル:Caboose Milwaukee
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The Allegheny, Lima's Finest

by Eugene Huddleston & Thomas W. Dixon, Jr.
Hundman Publishing, 260 pages hardcover 1984,
second printing 1996 US.95

C&O H8, 2-6-6-6の解説本、実物図面と細部写真を満載。
ラベル:Steam Locomotive
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Trolley Car Plan Booklet

Plan Drawn Full Size for HO Scale by Paul Moore
#3 Midwestern, 5 sheets c1950s, US.00


#1 North Shore Line
#2 Indiana Railroad
#3 Midwestern
#4 Pacific Electric
#5 Trolley Freight
#6 City Cars
#7 Ohio Interurbans
#8 Milwaukee Electric
#9 Pennsylvania Trolleys
#10 Illinois Terminal
#12 HO Models
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Classic Freight Cars, The Series

H&M Productions
landscape saddle stitch binding, letter size 64 pages


Vol. 1 Forty Foot Boxcars, by John Henderson 1992

ラベル:Freight Car
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Cabooses of North America

NorthAmerica.jpgVol. 2, Short Lines, Regionals & Fallen Fag Roads, by James T. Bradley 1991
soft cover letter size, 64 pages

 巻頭に9頁に渡って掲載されているInternational Car Co.の広告が貴重。同社は終末期の1960年代から70年代に掛けてカブース製造を一手に担った。表紙写真からも判るようにカラーの色調が大変にお粗末。Vol.1は未入手。
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Diesel Spotter's Guide (Kalmbach)

Kalmbach Books

Diesel Spotter's Guide
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1967 (68年に増刷)

The Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, Including Industrial Units
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1973 (2nd printing 1974), 459 pages 210×140mm, .75 (83、91、94年に増刷?)

Diesel Spotter's Guide Update: Including Electrics and Lightweight-Train Power Cars
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1979 (81年に増刷)

The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide
by Louis A. Marre & Jerry A. Pinkepank 1989, 366 pages

The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide, 2nd Edition
A Comprehensive reference manual to locomotives since 1972, including rebuilding, upgrading, and leasing programs.
by Louis A. Marre 1995, 351 pages, 210×140mm, .95

ラベル:Diesel locomotive
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Caboose Country!

CabooseCountry.jpgby the Staff of the Kalmbach Memorial Library, National Model Railroad Association, Inc. 1995
soft cover letter size, 24 pages

 1頁に2枚ずつ配された写真の半分はモノクロ。表紙は1971年、オハイオ州Kenton、Morrison-International社の工場で出荷を待つバーリントン・ノーザンのワイドビジョン・カブース。この製造ロットは煙突が緑に塗られていたことが判る。ライトグリーンの建物の壁面に「INTERNATIONAL CAR」の文字。
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Interurban Electric Locomotives

from Baldwin-Westinghouse
by Joseph A. Strapac
2001 (2nd printing 2005) letter size, soft cover, 128 pages, .95

2:Class A Locomotives
3:Custom-Built Locomotives
4:Short Cab "Pre-B" Locomotives
5:Class B Locomotives
6:Class D Locomotives
7:Class B-1 Locomotives
8:Class C Locomotives
9:Class E Locomotives
10:Class S Locomotives
11:Competitors and Imitators
13:Numeric Production List

書評:TMS 2001-12 p109

from General Electric
by Joseph A. Strapac
2004, letter size, soft cover, 128 pages, .95

1:Introduction-Freedom from the Trolley Wire
2:The Pioneers, 1893-1906-Exports to England and France
3:Built by Alco, 1906-1913
5:Articulated Trucks-GE's Best Customer
6:Arch-Bar Trucks
7:Built by Erie, 1913-1936
8:Inside-Frame Trucks
10:Post-1936-New Outlines
11:Latin America
12:Numeric Production List
ラベル:Electric Locomotive
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