Classic Freight Cars, The Series

H&M Productions
landscape saddle stitch binding, letter size 64 pages


Vol. 1 Forty Foot Boxcars, by John Henderson 1992

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Cabooses of North America

NorthAmerica.jpgVol. 2, Short Lines, Regionals & Fallen Fag Roads, by James T. Bradley 1991
soft cover letter size, 64 pages

 巻頭に9頁に渡って掲載されているInternational Car Co.の広告が貴重。同社は終末期の1960年代から70年代に掛けてカブース製造を一手に担った。表紙写真からも判るようにカラーの色調が大変にお粗末。Vol.1は未入手。
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Diesel Spotter's Guide

Kalmbach Books

Diesel Spotter's Guide
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1967 (68年に増刷)

The Second Diesel Spotter's Guide, Including Industrial Units
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1973 (2nd printing 1974), 459 pages 210×140mm, .75 (83、91、94年に増刷?)

Diesel Spotter's Guide Update: Including Electrics and Lightweight-Train Power Cars
by Jerry A. Pinkepank 1979 (81年に増刷)

The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide
by Louis A. Marre & Jerry A. Pinkepank 1989, 366 pages

The Contemporary Diesel Spotter's Guide, 2nd Edition
A Comprehensive reference manual to locomotives since 1972, including rebuilding, upgrading, and leasing programs.
by Louis A. Marre 1995, 351 pages, 210×140mm, .95

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Caboose Country!

CabooseCountry.jpgby the Staff of the Kalmbach Memorial Library, National Model Railroad Association, Inc. 1995
soft cover letter size, 24 pages

 1頁に2枚ずつ配された写真の半分はモノクロ。表紙は1971年、オハイオ州Kenton、Morrison-International社の工場で出荷を待つバーリントン・ノーザンのワイドビジョン・カブース。この製造ロットは煙突が緑に塗られていたことが判る。ライトグリーンの建物の壁面に「INTERNATIONAL CAR」の文字。
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Interurban Electric Locomotives

from Baldwin-Westinghouse
by Joseph A. Strapac
2001 (2nd printing 2005) letter size, soft cover, 128 pages, .95

2:Class A Locomotives
3:Custom-Built Locomotives
4:Short Cab "Pre-B" Locomotives
5:Class B Locomotives
6:Class D Locomotives
7:Class B-1 Locomotives
8:Class C Locomotives
9:Class E Locomotives
10:Class S Locomotives
11:Competitors and Imitators
13:Numeric Production List

書評:TMS 2001-12 p109

from General Electric
by Joseph A. Strapac
2004, letter size, soft cover, 128 pages, .95

1:Introduction-Freedom from the Trolley Wire
2:The Pioneers, 1893-1906-Exports to England and France
3:Built by Alco, 1906-1913
5:Articulated Trucks-GE's Best Customer
6:Arch-Bar Trucks
7:Built by Erie, 1913-1936
8:Inside-Frame Trucks
10:Post-1936-New Outlines
11:Latin America
12:Numeric Production List
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Iron Ore Railroads


by Patrick C. Dorin
2002, 103 pages .95 letter size, soft cover

VI Acknowledgment
VII Introduction
2 Chapter 1 The Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Railway
36 Chapter 2 GN / NP / BN / BNSF
64 Chapter 3 Northshore Mining / Cyprus North Shore / Reserve Mining
80 Chapter 4 LTV / Erie Mining
92 Chapter 5 The Soo Line Railroad
98 Chapter 6 Canadian National Railways

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Critters, Dinkys & Centercabs


The identification guide for small American gas and Diesel locomotives
by Jay Reed, 2000, soft cover 154×229mm 192 pages, .95

Adamson, American Gas-O-Motive, American (Alco), Atlas, Balco, Baldwin, Berkeley, Brookville, Burton, Canadian Locomotive, Caterpillar, Cincinnati, Davenport, EMC/EMD/GMD, Euclid, General Electric, Goodman, Greensburg, Heisler, Holt, Jeffrey, Lakewood, Lima, Mack, Mancha, Mckeen, Midwest, Milwaukee, Minster, National Mine, Plymouth, Porter, Prouty, Republic, Rogers, Skagit, Vulcan, Westinghouse, Whitcomb, engines

出版元Rio Hondoに問い合わせのこと。サイトには本書の正誤表を含む。類書でComprehensive Guide To Industrial Locomotives, 3rd Edition (.95)も発売中
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Pullman-Standard Color Guide to Freight Equipment

The Decade of Color: 1960-1970
by James Kinkaid, 1995, Morning Sun Books
hard cover, letter size, 128 pages


The official color photographs of the world's largest car builder during its most colorful decade: 1960-1970. Almost 300 color portraits of Pullman's freight products for PRR, UP, NYC, ATSF, CB&Q, and a hundred other major and minor roads are captioned by freight car authority Jim Kinkaid.

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Refrigerator Car Color Guide


An all-color examination of privately-owned, ice-bunker refrigerator cars and their operation in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.
by Gene Green 2005
hard cover, letter size, 128 pages, 59.95

In Stock at the Publisher, Morning Sun Books

Tabke of Contents
3 Introduction
6 Icing Refrigerator Cars
10 Icing Facilities
14 American Refrigerator Transit
22 Armour Co.
27 Cudahy Car Lines
30 Fruit Growers Express (Burlington Refrigerator Express Co. & Western Frui Express Co.)
48 General American Tranportion Corp.
51 Merchants Despatch Transportation Corp.
66 Morrell, Rath & Mather Stock Car Co.
74 North American Car Corp.
78 North Western Refrigerator Line Co.
84 Pacific Fruit Express
94 Railway Express Agency
96 Swift
104 Union Refrigerator Transit
121 Western Refrigerator Line
123 Wilson Car Line
128 Epilogue
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Pullman-Standard Freigh Cars, 1900-1960

by Edward S. Kaminski, 2007
192 pages, letter size, hard cover


5 Preface and Acknowledgments
9 Introduction, Richard H. Hendrickson
11 Chapter 1. The History of Pullman-Standard
27 Chapter 2. Box Cars, Stock Cars and Refrigerator Cars
113 Chapter 3. Covered Hoppers
137 Chapter 4. Open Top Hoppers and Ore Cars
163 Chapter 5. Flat Cars and Gondolas
173 Chapter 6. Cabooses
187 Index
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Diesel Locomotive Rosters

DLrosters2.jpgCompiled by Sy Reich, Technical Editor of Railroad Magazine
Wayner Publications
soft cover, letter size, 183 pages

 北米484鉄道の1930年代から60年代に掛けて、一部は70年代に入ったディーゼル機関車の番号を、Railroad Magazineという雑誌から抽出したリスト集。

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Billboard Refrigerator Cars

by Richard H. Hendrickson and Edward S. Kaminski, 2008, second printing 2009
224 pages, letter size, hard cover, $60.00

img598.jpg img599.jpg

 車体側面いっぱいに広告を描いた冷蔵貨車、すなわちビルボード・リーファーの写真集で、解説もある。その最盛期が1920年代から30年代までなので、ほとんどがモノクロ写真だが、戦後のカラー写真が9頁、30年代にHOゲージでRed Ballから売り出されたカラー印刷の側板が2頁に渡って紹介されている。
 1920年代に勃興したリーファー・リース会社は、鉄道運賃が積車と空車で同一な点を稼働率の高さで補い、また高稼働率のリーファー側面を広告媒体として販売することにより事業を成り立たせていた。ただし、鉄道事業者にとっては、生鮮食品を積んだリーファーは優先順位が高く、運用も面倒な存在で、自社保有リーファーの競争力を削ぐ存在として、ICC(Interstate Commerce Commission)に提訴した結果、1934年に側面を広告媒体とすることが事実上できなくなる規則が決定され、1937年以降の運行が禁止された。それはプライベート・リーファー事業モデルの転換でもあった。【書き掛け】

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