Bethlehem Steel Railroading

BACK COVER TOP: PB&NE SW900m #50 is shoving hopper cars past the oil storage tanks at Iron Hill in late winter 1983. These tanks were built as a consequence of the 1970's oil embargo. Photo by Russell W. Yeakel.
BACK COVER BOTTOM: Delaware & Hudson's BS-1 is heading west with a short train of steel ingots and beams at Florence Interlocking in March 1984; empties would return on SB-4. This Conrail main line formerly belonged to the Lehigh Valley, as did GP38-2's #7325 and 7319. Jim Kerner.
FRONT COVER TOP RIGHT On January 27, 1973, slag from the blast furnaces is dumped out of the cinder pots onto the slag pile adjacent to Route 412 near Hellertown. Kodachrome by Mike Bednar. FRONT COVER CENTER: Above the Beam Yard, Lehigh Valley Hammerhead #211 and RS3 #212 are pulling 70 ore loads on track 3 at Florence on April 1, 1975. Willard Blocker is making a run for the hill -- what a sound! The photographer had better get himself over to the crossover switches so he can close up behind the ore drag; FFW-1 is coming fast on the main and can't be held up! Kodachrome by Mike Bednar.
FRONT COVER BOTTOM LEFT: In this view from the Florence Yard office on July 3, 1972, NW2 #23 is working a coke train to the Middle Yard with the rolling mills looming in the background. Though CNJ and Penn Central did not serve the plant directly, they each were kept busy hauling Bethlehem Steel inbound and outbound loads via interchange with LV and Reading. Kodachrome by Mike Bednar.

copyright 2008 by Nevin Sterling Yeakel
The Railroad Press www.alco628.com
letter size, 56 pages, saddle stitch, $24.95

1 Dedication/ Foreword
2 Introduction
3 The Clerical Years
6 The OpenHearth #4
8 The Employee
10 Local Railroad Cars
11 Hazards of Railroading
16 The Supervisory Years
Middle Yard District/ South Junction District/ Shimersville District/ Iron Hill District/ Lehigh West End District/ Saucon East District/ Lehigh North Side District/ Laubach District
35 Track names and Numbers
42 Photos In and Around the Plant
50 Sights, Sounds and Smells
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Modern Freight Car Tops


Quick Pic Book
Standard Guide
Photographs in Detail
A Modelers Reference by Tim Mulina
Published by BHI Publications
digest size, 56 pages, spiral binding, MSRP $16.99

Answers illustrating years of my own personal modeling questions went into the creation of this book.
Since it is often difficult to stop in the middle of traffic to pop out of the car and shoot a few frames most of us are forced to do without accurate information or settle for the small scattering of photos in the model press from time to time.
The cars pictured in these pages are almost all ones that were part of consists of general merchandise trains with the exception of a few pictures from unit coal and auto rack trains.
This series is dedicated to all four of my grandparents. Over the years they all at different times provided ongoing support and encouragement in the hobby as well as prototype aspects of my interests in railroads. They did things and made sure I had the opportunity to go places to see things that would not be considered mainstream activities to insure the flames did not go out even when it did not make sense to them.
Tim Mulina - March 2003
ラベル:Freight Car
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Burlington Business Car Diagrams & More

CBQ_Bisiness Car Diagrams and More

published by Quincy House
copyright 2009 by William L. Click
letter size, 129 pages, double O ring binding

e BLACK HAWK Dedication
1 Business Cars 67 - 69
7 Light Fixtures
8 Business Cars 70 - 88
41 Railings (Observations & Business Cars)
42 Business Cars 89 - 91
53 Business Car BLACK HAWK (1st original)
59 Business Car 92
63 Business Car BLACKHAWK (2nd modern)
65 Business Cars 93 - 94
85 Railroad China
104 Roster of Business Cars
107 The & More section (Additional diagrams of Sleeping cars etc.) This part of the book contains additional drawings that I have gained information for, somce I published my first book "Passenger Cars of the Burlington In 1986" Tese include Diners; Parlor Cars; Sleepers & More.

To all the Burlington employees who created the original diagram books, which made this book possible.
To Hol Wagner who provided me with more diagrams and photos than I originally had acquired over the past 30+ years.
To all the people and or organizations listed below that provided photos.
R. W. Buhrmaster/ Lou Schmitz/ John C. La Rue/ Richard Rumbolz/ Nebraska State Historical Society/ Bernard Corbin/ Alfred Holck/ Joe Legner/ Kai Solvei/ William Raia/ Pullman Co. Smithsonian Institute/ Bruce Fales/ Burlington Historical Society/ Rod Masterson/ Al Hoffman
and to Ray Bedard who helped proofread this book.

I became interested in Burlington passenger cars when I saw the "BLACKHAWK" name on the letter board of Burlington's name trains. This train also had a great graphic sign on the last car with the "BLACKHAWK" Indian and his name. I have always felt the Indians were not always fairly dealt with by our government. This is why I like the fact that the Burlington Railroad chose to name one of their name passenger trains after him, and that is one of the reasons I wanted to model this train. I have also modeled the business car "BLACKHAWK" which is how I got into this book.
I have chosen to dedicate this book to "BLACKHAWK". I do not own any of the china that was used on this name train or business car as it has become very expensive. The dining car china has the "BLACKHAWK" Indian on the dinner plate and the water pitcher. The other name trains that also had china representing that train's name are "AKSARBEN" and "ARISTOCRAT".
This book starts out with business car 67 of which there were two (a first and second). See Roster for list of business cars, at the end of the Business Car section of this book.
I have only included photos that I had access to. You will find references to the Burlington Bulletins that have both photos and the history of each car. I am not a historian, so I left that up to Hol Wagner.
I have used the title "business car" as most diagrams used that reference. These cars were also referred to as "office cars". In a few instances I used the name on the diagram, which was "special car". I have laid out this book in numerical sequence to make it easy to find each car. Some cars had revisions over time which I have tried to show in dated sequence.
Most of my drawings were made from the CB&Q diagram book with the addition of details obtained from photos. Some of the CB&Q dia-grams were drawn just to show minimal detail. For example, some of the windows were drawn just as a rectangle. Therefore, I have tried to give more detail, and to show both sides and the roof which a modeler would need to make these cars.

ラベル:Passenger Car
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Tramways of North America


including rapid transit, second edition
Tramway Handbooks No.4 of a Series
by M.R. Taplin
Maps by B. Connelly
Design by E. R. Oakley
Production Editores: L.D.O. Frew & B. Patton
Light Rail Transit Association
Produced by Nemo Productions
Hartley, Kent. Made in England
60 pages, 148 × 210 mm, saddle stitch
£2.50 西山洋書で1,100円

2 Amtrak & Location Map of LRT Systems(下図)
3 Introduction
4 Foreword
5 Key
6 Definitions and a few Statistics
7 Glossary of Terms
8 Fares and Fare Collection
8 Travel to and in North America
9 Museums
9 Preservation
14 Bibliography
15 Magazines
16 LRTs of Canada and U.S.A.
58 Rail Transit Systems Proporsed
  or in Early Stages of Construction

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Amtrak Car and Locomotive Spotter

Rivised Third Edition
including Auto-Train Equipment
copyright 1976 by Wayner Publications
141 pages, 102 x 178 mm, adhesive binding

アムトラック所属機関車および客車の番号リストで、引き継ぎされたものには旧鉄道の番号を付す。各型式にはわずかな説明が付くのみで写真は皆無。こんな本でも発行時には20ドルもしたようだ。同一出版社が出した形式図集の"Amtrak Car Diagrams"と一緒に使えということだったのだろう。
This third edition of the Amtrak Car Spotter, with power units newly added, appears at a watershed time in Amtrak's brief but fascinating history. Almost all of the second-hand engines and cars that Amtrak is likely to purchase are listed in these pages, and from this time forward these renovated veterans will be gradually superseded by new power units and custom-designed Amfleet and hi-level cars. Just when the last piece of secondhand equipment will be consigned to the scrapyard is anyone's guess, but the time can be foreseen when great fleets of efficient but historically uninteresting locomotives will be hauling trains of standardized silver body-shells having just a few basic interior configurations. The traveling public will presumably be happier and more comfortable, but for us railfans a grand and exciting era in passenger-train history will have ended with the retirement of locomotives and cars built for the Broadway Limited, California Zephyr, Hiawatha and Super Chief. Sic Transit Gloria mundi!

Amtrak locomotives and cars are listed in the numerical order of the Amtrak numbers applied or assigned for future application. After each Amtrak number is listed the former owning railroad and the name and/or number the power unit or car had when it was purchased by Amtrak. Then follow any preceding names, numbers or owners, back to the time of construction. The heading for each group of locomotives and cars lists the builder, year built and data on subsequent rebuilding, if any. Auto-Train equipment is listed in a similar way.
The railroad abbreviations we have used such as PRR, AT&SF, UP and L&N are familiar to railroad enthusiasts, but we have devised special abbreviations to identify car numbers not changed after the Burlington Northern merger. Such numbers of Great Northern cars are preceded by BN-GN, of Burlington cars by BN-Q, of Northern pacific cars by BN-NP and of Spokane, Portland and Seattle cars by BN-SP&S. The new Burlington Northern numbers of cars which were renumbered are preceded by BN.

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