ダイキャスト合金不良事例(亜鉛ペスト, incorrectシーズンクラック)

zinc die casting intercrystalline corrosion cracking
The zinc pest was once mistakenly called "season crack" by Japanese modelers.
zink pest(独語) 亜鉛害虫zinc pest(北米?) 亜鉛腐食zinc rot(英国?)Zamak rot

Walthers Proto2000 SW8/9 2006 2022 MR General Forum シャーシが曲がる
MDC 36' Wood Reefer 不明 2021 TPRR blog シャーシが曲がり折損
Trix/Märklin 40' boxcar 2005 2014 TPRR blog MR forum YouTube シャーシが膨張し粉砕。
MicroAce N JNR ED71 不明 2017 鉄道模型900ちゃんねる シャーシが膨張と折損
MicroAce N JNR EF56-12 2010 2020 どんまいさんのブログ シャーシが膨張、粉砕
MicroAce N JNR 922 不明 2009 ○△□×ブログ シャーシが折損
Tomix N JNR DE10 2016 2021 まったり鉄分補給ブログ シャーシが膨張と粉砕。6月製造分2両
MTH RailKing O-3R Aerotrain 2018? 2020 Eniac Maniac II シャーシが割損
Atlas RS3 2009 不明 Atlas Rescue Forum シャーシが湾曲
Atlas MP15 P&LE 2009 2021 Atlas Rescue Forum シャーシが割損
Oriental Powerhouse USRA 2-8-8-2 1990 不明 Atlas Rescue Forum ボイラー表面が泡立ち

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亜鉛ダイカストの欠陥発生は散発的である。 つまり発症はその製造ロットだけだ。 亜鉛ペストなどを見つけた場合は、特定できるように報告をお願いする。製造年に加えて、塗装スキームも必要。 ボディ シェルを不良のダイキャスト フレームから離しておくと、その他の部分の破損を防ぐことができる。 何があったか画像が望まれる。このスレに写真が全くアップされないのが問題である。

Zinc die-casting failures are sporadic. So the onset is only in that manufacturing lot. If you find a zinc pest or something like that, please report it so we can identify it. In addition to the year of manufacture, the paint scheme is also required. Keeping the body shell separate from the bad diecast frame will save it from destruction. I would like a picture of what happened. It is a problem that it is not uploaded in this thread at all.
MDC-Roundhouse 36' wood reefer, Coors Beer, unknown manufactured year
Trix/Märklin PRR 3-boxcar set 2005-2006?


Zinc pest is referred to in the industry as "zinc die casting intercrystalline corrosion cracking". According to Japanese literature, the total amount of lead, tin, and cadmium as impurities must be 0.005% or less. According to the Japanese Industrial Standards, it is 0.01% or less by adding a certain amount of magnesium, which is an inhibitor. Zinc die cast ingots are supplied in this standard. However, at manufacturing sites, runners and other materials are remelted and used as return materials in order to save raw materials. At this time, impurities are mixed in, and magnesium evaporates and becomes less. This is to result in inappropriate castings. For this reason, in 1961, the Japan Die Casting Association established a zinc alloy die casting quality certification system. Submit the analysis sample of zinc die casting to the association on a specified day of every month. The association analyzes these with a spectroscopic analyzer, judges whether or not they are suitable in light of the chemical composition standards, and reports to the members. In the case of passing, the passing mark can be used.

From around 2000, non-conforming products were detected in imported products and warnings were issued.

日本工業規格JIS H2201-2015 ダイカスト用亜鉛合金地金 Zinc alloy ingots for die casting
日本工業規格JIS H5301-2009 亜鉛合金ダイカスト Zinc Alloys Die Castings

年配の日本と米国のモデラーは、1940 年代と 1950 年代に O ゲージで亜鉛腐敗を経験した。 メーカーはこれを反省し、徹底した品質管理を実施した。ところが2000年以降、それを知らない者が新興国のメーカーにモデルを発注したことで、再び多くの悲劇が起こった。 鉄道や自動車の模型は被害が比較的少なかったけれど、模型飛行機では多くの恐ろしい惨劇が起こった。 検索すると目を覆いたくなる画像がたくさん出てくる。

Older Japanese and US modelers experienced zinc rot on O-gauge in the 1940s and 1950s. Manufacturers reflected on this and implemented thorough quality control. Many tragedies happened again when people who didn't know it ordered models from manufacturers in emerging countries. Model railroads suffer less damage. Many terrible tragedies happened in model aircraft. Do a search and you'll see lots of images that make you want to cover your eyes.

日本工業規格JIS H2201-2015 ダイカスト用亜鉛合金地金 Zinc alloy ingots for die casting
日本工業規格JIS H5301-2009 亜鉛合金ダイカスト Zinc Alloys Die Castings
ところで、Powerhouseシリーズのモデルは友人が保有していた。それらは1987年から1990年?までOriental LimitedがSamhongsaに作らせた廉価版のHOスケール蒸気機関車だった。ダイキャスト製のボイラー等にブラスを組み合わせるハイブリッド構成で、当時としては画期的な製品だったと思う。USRAの2-8-8-2や2-8-2 light、4-6-2 light、ロギング2-4-4-2がラインナップされていた。 バルブギアやテンダー台車に欠陥を抱えていたけれど、彼は好んで買った。理由は、まさにこの欠陥の存在で、彼は嬉々としてそれらを直していた。そういえば、SamhongsaとAjinは亜鉛ダイキャスト製のギアケースを採用していたなあ。

The Japanese Industrial Standards standard-sheets were published on the Internet. The composition of the ingot can be determined. Translating Japanese into English is easy.
JIS H2201-2015 Zinc alloy ingots for die casting
JIS H5301-2009 Zinc Alloys Die Castings
Couldn't find ISO or ANSI.

By the way, the Powerhouse series models were owned by a friend. They were manufactured in 1987-1990(?), low-priced HO scale steam locomotive models that Oriental Limited had Samhongsa build. The seties had a hybrid configuration that combined brass with a die-cast boiler, etc., and I think it was an epoch-making product at the time. USRA's 2-8-8-2, 2-8-2 light, 4-6-2 light, and logging 2-4-4-2 were available. He liked the series, even though it had some weak points in the valve gears and tender trucks. The reason was the very existence of these weaknesses, which he gladly fixed.
Come to think of it, Samhongsa and Ajin used zinc die-cast gearcases.

The Powerhouse series was low-priced HO-scale steam locomotive models that Oriental Limited had Samhongsa make. There were USRA 2-8-8-2, 2-8-2 light, 4-6-2 light, and logging 2-4-4-2 with hybrid configuration that combined brass with a die-cast boiler. Although it had defects in the valve gears and tender trucks, I think they were epoch-making products. It was precisely these flaws that made my friend so happy to buy them, and he was happy to fix them.
日本製のOスケールパーツは軒並みzinc pestを発症した。ただし、HOスケールでは悪い噂は聞こえてこなかった。亜鉛ダイキャストを採用した例は、PFM/Sakura 0-4-0T Dockside (1962-1966), PFM/Tenshodo Baldwin 0-8-0T (1956?-), それにIMP/New One 小型蒸気機関車群 (1955?-1960?)があった。 Examples of Japan-made HO scales that use zinc die casting include PFM/Sakura 0-4-0T Dockside (1962-1966), PFM/Tenshodo Baldwin 0-8-0T (1956?-), IMP/New One 0-4-0T (1955?-1960?). All have no bad reputation.
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